Globalization & Border

Installation based performance

Little Moment in Town 2008
Organize by Bindu


The world we live today has given many definitions to a human being. At the same time it has also taken so much from us. The common belief of globalization has seemingly ready a parson with boundless possibilities as we can get in touch with every development or weakening around the world. However the world seems a tiny nut shell which is quite difficult to crack. Thought we can know everything that is happening, we often can not directly impact these situations. This has happened because we are bounded by the political and geographical border

The installation based performance that I have presented here is the combination of my various social and materialistic beliefs. Here I have adjusted myself on the ground partitioning my body with a wall created by bricks. Then I have placed nails and chilli on the ground of the lower side of my body and on the upper side I scattered sweets on the ground. We basically experience pain but we perceive solace; because that is what we are made to see. Furthermore, I have also arranged two cameras capturing both the sides of my body, which is continuously being telecasted live on the two televisions on the performance site. I have incorporated television because it is one of the hi-tech devices that link us with the globe, promoting the concept of globalization. Therefore, my work is about the primordial pain that is hidden underneath the scientific complexion of human beings.

Today’s news to the History

 Performance (10min)
South Asian exhibition Bangladesh 2008
Organize by Britto

We read history to get knowledge about our past. War is a large part of world history. We have learnt from our civilization that many of the big wars were begin by the egoistic thoughts and attitude of few people. During each war, there were a huge loses of innocent lives and always many people suffered by it years after years, from what we yet experience pain while we read or hear about those stories. Present days as well when we are having a civilized life, because of few leaders of the Globe we still have been passing through the similar situation and suffering directly or indirectly in some way by the effect of the war.

For this performance, I have collected images of different war victims, fighters and related people from internet and newspapers. I also recorded relevant news regarding war, terrorists etc. from BBC. I pasted many band aid leaves on my body and tried to lightening the images with small cigarette lighters. The speaker was fixed with my mouth that was talking about war. The people from the history were seemed to be listening to the present war situation of this Globe from BBC via my mouth.

Echo of Darkness 2012
Performance (15min)
Organize by Creative Artist Group,

Illiteracy causes the unemployment, unemployment causes the poverty, Unemployment, the main cause of making brain a devil’s house, to prevent oneself being a useless load, every day around 1200 youths are migrating to foreign land from this small mountainous country Nepal. As a heaven for workers from Nepal, India and Middle East holds major share beside these working in Indian and British forces as “Gurkha soldiers” has been holding over 60, 00000 Nepalese youth worldwide. The more of the shocking fact is that only in Saudi Arabia monthly around 200 Nepali workers loses their life. Due to the lack of benevolent leadership country has been in the vicious circle of political conflict between then the Maoist and government has caused the 15 years civil war. The saddest movement we have noticed that government is taking remittance as a major income and overseas job as a major product to export from the country, which has been a cause for the people to risk their life in foreign land.I am dedicating this performance to those Nepali workers who working in different foreign countries for small amount of money & putting their life in risk. "Echo of darkness" represents their stories, their works, & their pain. For this Performance I used workers' gloves (used one), Hammer, Charcoal, 50 pieces of white cloth & 50 envelops with Nepali workers name from different country's & visitors name.


Performance (15min)
Sutra local workshop, pokhara 2006
Organize by Sutra

This event was a satirical performance to the then government controlled media. I got myself into a costume made tight black suit with a mask on I had a photograph of my own smile stuck on my face. There, I lied on the ground with my dress nailed into bulks of wood. I could hardly move since i was unable to see the surroundings clearly with the mask on and the wood was also quite heavy to move. Yet i relentlessly struggled, finally I releasing myself from the wood. Concluding this performance, I carried two of the bulks on my shoulder and went inside an empty hut, took off the mask and came out to the spectators. This black person indicated the then media who unwilling had to suppress the pain of the nation and spread false news supporting the then government.

 Uniting Beliefs

"Nuga Mikha" International art Workshop 2004, Nepal

Religious conviction is deeply rooted inside human beings from the beginning of the human civilization. The geographical features have played a vital role in shaping up the religions. Therefore, we have various religious beliefs across the world. Though the process and practices of every religion differs from one another, its ultimate aim is to attain spirituality. To display such concept I erected paper tubes of various sizes, all of them mounting towards the sky. Hear, the sky symbolized spirituality and the paper tubs depict different religions. I also had a performance to support the idea of religion and spirituality.


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