Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Performance (15min)
Sutra local workshop, pokhara 2006, Organize by Sutra

This event was a satirical performance to the then government controlled media. I got myself into a costume made tight black suit with a mask on I had a photograph of my own smile stuck on my face. There, I lied on the ground with my dress nailed into bulks of wood. I could hardly move since i was unable to see the surroundings clearly with the mask on and the wood was also quite heavy to move. Yet i relentlessly struggled, finally I releasing myself from the wood. Concluding this performance, I carried two of the bulks on my shoulder and went inside an empty hut, took off the mask and came out to the spectators. This black person indicated the then media who unwilling had to suppress the pain of the nation and spread false news supporting the then government.