Thursday, July 5, 2012

Echo of Darkness 2012

Echo of Darkness 2012
Performance (15min)
Organize by Creative Artist Group,

Illiteracy causes the unemployment, unemployment causes the poverty, Unemployment, the main cause of making brain a devil’s house, to prevent oneself being a useless load, every day around 1200 youths are migrating to foreign land from this small mountainous country Nepal. As a heaven for workers from Nepal, India and Middle East holds major share beside these working in Indian and British forces as “Gurkha soldiers” has been holding over 60, 00000 Nepalese youth worldwide. The more of the shocking fact is that only in Saudi Arabia monthly around 200 Nepali workers loses their life. Due to the lack of benevolent leadership country has been in the vicious circle of political conflict between then the Maoist and government has caused the 15 years civil war. The saddest movement we have noticed that government is taking remittance as a major income and overseas job as a major product to export from the country, which has been a cause for the people to risk their life in foreign land.I am dedicating this performance to those Nepali workers who working in different foreign countries for small amount of money & putting their life in risk. "Echo of darkness" represents their stories, their works, & their pain. For this Performance I used workers' gloves (used one), Hammer, Charcoal, 50 pieces of white cloth & 50 envelops with Nepali workers name from different country's & visitors name.